UltraKrill+D 120's

Helps enhance essential omega-3 fatty acid intake* Made with krill oil obtained from a sustainable and eco-friendly supply chain Convenient Liquid-filled Caplique? Capsule for easy dispensing UltraKrill+D is an activated omega-3 blend offering an increased bioavailability of EPA and DHA. UltraKrill+D provides enhanced transport of fatty acids into cells to provide optimal omega-3 health benefits.*


UltraKrill+D Supplemental Facts Amount Per Serving 2 Caplique? Capsules contain: calories 15 calories from fat 15 total fat 1.5 g. vitamin D3 1,000 i.u. krill oil blend 1,400 mg. (shellfish/fish oil blend) providing: omega-3 fatty acids 420 mg. EPA 210 mg. DHA 126 mg. phospholipids 588 mg. astaxanthin 2.1 mg. Contains fish (tilapia, anchovies, sardines), shellfish other ingredients: fish Caplique? Capsule 2 Caplique? Capsules daily, with a meal.



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